The Wizard Enchantment of Yacht Charters


The crisp breeze of a slightly saline flavor and freshness of morning bloom hits your face as you cruise away gentle through the vastness of the ocean; possibly no land in sight for miles, maybe a few islands far up ahead in the horizon give you the enticing rush of freedom not to be better found in too many other places. As you see the turquoise placidity all around you, or the white surf of tidal nature; a warm sea bath calls to you to jump off the deck of your marine carriage into the pleasure of water; all this in no dream if you’ve taken the decision to have your own Yacht Chartered for your leisure.

It’s all very good in words, and sure is a nice way to portray a sailing experience, but I’m not being a fantasy tour salesman here. We all know what the usual guided tours are about. Your book on a trip with some international travel agents who use jargon like ‘exotic’ and ‘extravaganza’ to describe the romantic seductiveness of dream venues like Cairo and the Alps. You fall for the bait and book yourself a ‘nominally’ charged holiday (a few thousand terms and conditions and extra charges excluded). The better part is, somewhere in the fine print of the document they put up little facts so you can’t sue them for legitimate robbery and at the end of the tour, you’re disgusted that ‘Cairo Carnival’ meant the pyramids from a few miles away on an old camel or a few days in Geneva to see the Alps from your hotel window, a room where the hot water may not be really hot.

I could be a seeming prophet of doom, and it’s not like there aren’t good travel agents who really would make your vacation worth the money, but things like I just described aren’t untrue. So what would a gloomy sour author who criticizes travel agents do for a holiday? Well, I said it in the first paragraph. I’d sail. The sea is from where we came to be, and the truth is we all feel a primordial enchantment when we’re in the water. That is, except for the hydrophobic few; or the super imaginative ones who’ve taken ‘Jaws’ seriously. The marine vacation, by going for a Yacht Charter would be your own little journey to heaven. I didn’t mean it as death for the ones who took my sourness literally; I meant the supreme pleasure of being free to soak up one Mother Nature’s finest creations.

The planet being 70% water, it’s also the most versatile selection of vacation choices. From tropical paradises to Mediterranean cruises; from the Australian coral reefs to the mystic Maldives, a sea vacation on your Yacht chartered locally would be an asylum for a worked soul. You don’t need to be thinking of the huge cost here, in fact, the initial phase is a plane journey to your vacation country and the rest is taking a charter. So the entire time out at sea could be just two or three days and could cost you about $500 to $1000 a day or a lot more, depending on what luxuries you’d like to indulge in. But at the end of the experience out into the marine expanse, you will feel revitalized in a magical way.