The Freedom in Bareboat Yacht Charter

Are you the more adventurous person who believes that sailing the seas alone is better than being served by a crew and navigated by a captain? In case you find your adrenaline needing some nutrition, and you have some sailing experience; a bareboat yacht charter would be your calling. Hire a boat and grab the charts; the salt in your blood is calling you out to enjoy your unchained vacation.

There are many formalities before your set out bare-boating. The first thing you need for setting off is a sailing experience. The bareboat yacht charter companies often need a sailing certificate before they entrust their boat on you, but most require experience over qualifications. You need to submit your resume to the charter company and wait for a reference confirmation till they’ll give you their boat. Next, you need to give them your complete navigational routes and duration of your voyage for them to give you their yacht. They have a considerable liability handing over their investment (we all know that the cost of yachts can be small to a very large fortune) to a third person; so the company ensures that the person taking their boat out to the open seas is capable of taking good care of it.

The term “bareboat” doesn’t mean an open-top boat with a small sail and no navigational gear like the lifeboats or buccaneer marooning boats of old. Bareboat yacht charters mean that the boat you’re hiring is manned by you or a few friends as the crew. It may not be a completely unrepresented arrangement; often an experienced skipper is assigned to go along with the boat as security insurance. It’s also good to have such a person on board. From medical emergencies to unpredictable weather phenomena; an experienced captain knows how to tackle it all. Being locals to those waters; they can also guide you to secret locations of beauty and wonder, fishing paradises, underwater snorkeling, and scuba diving hotspots. Such adventure coves won’t be on any chart or map. Finally, it’s good to get those vital tips and advice tit-bits that only an experienced skipper can give you.

If you decide on heading out to sea solo; be sure you don’t fake that resume with just bookish knowledge of the sea for the sake of adventure. Such an endeavor can be a fatal mistake as the dangers of the expanse are many. A solo sailor has to be a true seaman with years of sailing behind him and a foundation of knowledge that has to be acquired usually rather young. Such adventurers are so rare, it’s hardly ever that the charter company needs to make reference checks; these seamen become famous in the sailing circuit. As for those of you who want to experience the freedom and adrenaline rush of being out at sea without advocacy; think it over well. Even if you play skipper, and your friends play shipmates; an open sea bareboat vacation isn’t a game. It takes years of preparation and sound knowledge; even more so, be sure of your seamanship when you’re calling in friends or family to join your venture. Accidents and losses at sea are a common recurrence due to carelessness and ignorance than any other factor.

When thinking of going on a bareboat yacht charter; consider having experience onboard over other itineraries. Even though it’s called bareboat, the contemporary charters are usually all well stocked and prepared with all instrumentation and gadgets. Judge your experience and confidence over the freedom in your adventure when heading out to the ocean wild.