Solent – A Yacht Charter Wonderland

Galactica Star

There’s a sailing haven in the world, far up north; in Great Britain. The Beaulieu River runs 12 miles on the South coast of Hampshire and pours into Solent, a 30 mile stretch of water that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland. The naval heritage in this area is renowned; from the famous Buckler’s Hard the birthplace of Nelson’s favorite Agamemnon, to various other heroes of the Royal Navy. This town is so well known for its shipbuilding craft; that sir Francis Chichester took Buckler’s Hard as homeport when he went on his solo adventure of sailing around the globe in his famous Gypsy Moth IV. There’s also the attraction that Cowes offers, a small sailing port town in the Isle of Wight. This town hosts the world’s largest sailing race. The entire river and Solent stretch is too picturesque and has too many notable enchantments to say it all; one has to be there to see it.

Assailing or yachting is so renowned here that the British Navy uses this area as a port; and the eminent one-eyed Admiral himself would have liked to spend his leisure days drifting slowly on a boat. Solent calls to all yachters and seamen as a Mecca for adventurers. The Beaulieu river itself is a small stretch; a placid river too, with legends that the Romans used to wade across in low tide. However, for any intentions other than the conquest of the land, one could hire a regular Rib charter or go for the readily available Solent yacht charter. The prices are so amiable, with just about £500 buying you regal luxury; it’s worth testing your sailing spirit with. Though one faces a 5-knot speed limitation on the Beaulieu, this restriction is done with on Solent; so your leisure cruise could become your white water thrill after the first dozen miles.

There are a number of activities you can do during your stay on a Solent yacht charter. From water sports like water skiing, fishing, quiet romantic cruising to Stag or Hen parties for the more blood lusty enjoyment; the Beaulieu-Solent area gives it all to you. There are of course more attractions for the land lovers like the James Bond and Secret Army Exhibitions in the Beaulieu area; not to mention the New Forest National Park and Exbury Gardens new Buckler’s Hard for nature walks and bird watching. From 8 to 88, from white water knuckling to quite sun-basking; The Solent yacht charter experience will make you feel the need for more.

When you decide to take a short vacation in England, and you’ve not had any private sailing fun; there’s soundness in the advice that you try the Solent experience to test yourself. From bareboating, skippered rides to corporate luxury cruises; a Solent yacht charter offer caters it all.