The Wizard Enchantment of Yacht Charters


The crisp breeze of a slightly saline flavor and freshness of morning bloom hits your face as you cruise away gentle through the vastness of the ocean; possibly no land in sight for miles, maybe a few islands far up ahead in the horizon give you the enticing rush of freedom not to be better found in too many other places. As you see the turquoise placidity all around you, or the white surf of tidal nature; a warm sea bath calls to you to jump off the deck of your marine carriage into the pleasure of water; all this in no dream if you’ve taken the decision to have your own Yacht Chartered for your leisure.

It’s all very good in words, and sure is a nice way to portray a sailing experience, but I’m not being a fantasy tour salesman here. We all know what the usual guided tours are about. Your book on a trip with some international travel agents who use jargon like ‘exotic’ and ‘extravaganza’ to describe the romantic seductiveness of dream venues like Cairo and the Alps. You fall for the bait and book yourself a ‘nominally’ charged holiday (a few thousand terms and conditions and extra charges excluded). The better part is, somewhere in the fine print of the document they put up little facts so you can’t sue them for legitimate robbery and at the end of the tour, you’re disgusted that ‘Cairo Carnival’ meant the pyramids from a few miles away on an old camel or a few days in Geneva to see the Alps from your hotel window, a room where the hot water may not be really hot.

I could be a seeming prophet of doom, and it’s not like there aren’t good travel agents who really would make your vacation worth the money, but things like I just described aren’t untrue. So what would a gloomy sour author who criticizes travel agents do for a holiday? Well, I said it in the first paragraph. I’d sail. The sea is from where we came to be, and the truth is we all feel a primordial enchantment when we’re in the water. That is, except for the hydrophobic few; or the super imaginative ones who’ve taken ‘Jaws’ seriously. The marine vacation, by going for a Yacht Charter would be your own little journey to heaven. I didn’t mean it as death for the ones who took my sourness literally; I meant the supreme pleasure of being free to soak up one Mother Nature’s finest creations.

The planet being 70% water, it’s also the most versatile selection of vacation choices. From tropical paradises to Mediterranean cruises; from the Australian coral reefs to the mystic Maldives, a sea vacation on your Yacht chartered locally would be an asylum for a worked soul. You don’t need to be thinking of the huge cost here, in fact, the initial phase is a plane journey to your vacation country and the rest is taking a charter. So the entire time out at sea could be just two or three days and could cost you about $500 to $1000 a day or a lot more, depending on what luxuries you’d like to indulge in. But at the end of the experience out into the marine expanse, you will feel revitalized in a magical way.

The Freedom in Bareboat Yacht Charter

Are you the more adventurous person who believes that sailing the seas alone is better than being served by a crew and navigated by a captain? In case you find your adrenaline needing some nutrition, and you have some sailing experience; a bareboat yacht charter would be your calling. Hire a boat and grab the charts; the salt in your blood is calling you out to enjoy your unchained vacation.

There are many formalities before your set out bare-boating. The first thing you need for setting off is a sailing experience. The bareboat yacht charter companies often need a sailing certificate before they entrust their boat on you, but most require experience over qualifications. You need to submit your resume to the charter company and wait for a reference confirmation till they’ll give you their boat. Next, you need to give them your complete navigational routes and duration of your voyage for them to give you their yacht. They have a considerable liability handing over their investment (we all know that the cost of yachts can be small to a very large fortune) to a third person; so the company ensures that the person taking their boat out to the open seas is capable of taking good care of it.

The term “bareboat” doesn’t mean an open-top boat with a small sail and no navigational gear like the lifeboats or buccaneer marooning boats of old. Bareboat yacht charters mean that the boat you’re hiring is manned by you or a few friends as the crew. It may not be a completely unrepresented arrangement; often an experienced skipper is assigned to go along with the boat as security insurance. It’s also good to have such a person on board. From medical emergencies to unpredictable weather phenomena; an experienced captain knows how to tackle it all. Being locals to those waters; they can also guide you to secret locations of beauty and wonder, fishing paradises, underwater snorkeling, and scuba diving hotspots. Such adventure coves won’t be on any chart or map. Finally, it’s good to get those vital tips and advice tit-bits that only an experienced skipper can give you.

If you decide on heading out to sea solo; be sure you don’t fake that resume with just bookish knowledge of the sea for the sake of adventure. Such an endeavor can be a fatal mistake as the dangers of the expanse are many. A solo sailor has to be a true seaman with years of sailing behind him and a foundation of knowledge that has to be acquired usually rather young. Such adventurers are so rare, it’s hardly ever that the charter company needs to make reference checks; these seamen become famous in the sailing circuit. As for those of you who want to experience the freedom and adrenaline rush of being out at sea without advocacy; think it over well. Even if you play skipper, and your friends play shipmates; an open sea bareboat vacation isn’t a game. It takes years of preparation and sound knowledge; even more so, be sure of your seamanship when you’re calling in friends or family to join your venture. Accidents and losses at sea are a common recurrence due to carelessness and ignorance than any other factor.

When thinking of going on a bareboat yacht charter; consider having experience onboard over other itineraries. Even though it’s called bareboat, the contemporary charters are usually all well stocked and prepared with all instrumentation and gadgets. Judge your experience and confidence over the freedom in your adventure when heading out to the ocean wild.

Solent – A Yacht Charter Wonderland

Galactica Star

There’s a sailing haven in the world, far up north; in Great Britain. The Beaulieu River runs 12 miles on the South coast of Hampshire and pours into Solent, a 30 mile stretch of water that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland. The naval heritage in this area is renowned; from the famous Buckler’s Hard the birthplace of Nelson’s favorite Agamemnon, to various other heroes of the Royal Navy. This town is so well known for its shipbuilding craft; that sir Francis Chichester took Buckler’s Hard as homeport when he went on his solo adventure of sailing around the globe in his famous Gypsy Moth IV. There’s also the attraction that Cowes offers, a small sailing port town in the Isle of Wight. This town hosts the world’s largest sailing race. The entire river and Solent stretch is too picturesque and has too many notable enchantments to say it all; one has to be there to see it.

Assailing or yachting is so renowned here that the British Navy uses this area as a port; and the eminent one-eyed Admiral himself would have liked to spend his leisure days drifting slowly on a boat. Solent calls to all yachters and seamen as a Mecca for adventurers. The Beaulieu river itself is a small stretch; a placid river too, with legends that the Romans used to wade across in low tide. However, for any intentions other than the conquest of the land, one could hire a regular Rib charter or go for the readily available Solent yacht charter. The prices are so amiable, with just about £500 buying you regal luxury; it’s worth testing your sailing spirit with. Though one faces a 5-knot speed limitation on the Beaulieu, this restriction is done with on Solent; so your leisure cruise could become your white water thrill after the first dozen miles.

There are a number of activities you can do during your stay on a Solent yacht charter. From water sports like water skiing, fishing, quiet romantic cruising to Stag or Hen parties for the more blood lusty enjoyment; the Beaulieu-Solent area gives it all to you. There are of course more attractions for the land lovers like the James Bond and Secret Army Exhibitions in the Beaulieu area; not to mention the New Forest National Park and Exbury Gardens new Buckler’s Hard for nature walks and bird watching. From 8 to 88, from white water knuckling to quite sun-basking; The Solent yacht charter experience will make you feel the need for more.

When you decide to take a short vacation in England, and you’ve not had any private sailing fun; there’s soundness in the advice that you try the Solent experience to test yourself. From bareboating, skippered rides to corporate luxury cruises; a Solent yacht charter offer caters it all.

Walleye fishing RV’s

The home is the one place in the whole world where you will want to have absolute comfort. There are many home décor options you can use in the interiors and the exterior of the house to help your house exude that comfortable feeling. Keeping cool or withstanding natural hazards will be one of those things that you will wish to solve. In order to keep your home cool during summers and dry during rainy seasons, you will have to opt for a solution like secondary covering or an awning. With the help of rv awnings, you will get the sort of comfort you had never imaged before.


With the way technological advancements have been coming in, you have to rely heavily on technological products like coolers and air conditioners for your cooling needs. However, there are other alternates like an rv awning which you will be able to use without spending heavily on energy bills. Mainly these motorhome awnings are canvas coverings that cover the outside of a house especially areas like windows where the house could get direct heat or might face the wrath of heavy rains. They can be of various different materials but primarily they are of canvas like acrylic, cotton, polyester, etc.


The main areas where you can use these trailer awnings, is to protect your home from harsh sunlight, heavy rains or snow, etc. They can be used in a really innovative manner around a commercial place or around residential areas for promotional purposes too. You can promote your business or a company or a product by advertising the brand name on these awnings that are visible to most passerbies. While these camper awnings are used extensively for domestic needs or by residential home owners, they are also used often in case of restaurants, cafes, hotels to add an exclusive look to the exteriors.


You can also utilize these options around campers, trailers and other moving vehicles too in order to get a shade providing option when it’s sunny outside. A great advantage that is offered by modern technology is that nowadays retractable awnings are available. These options prove to be really useful as they can be used to keep the sun and rains off when needed and they can be retracted before a heavy snowing session to prevent your awning from getting damaged. Motorized retractable awnings make it really easy for people in the house to operate them and they can be used practically by just about anyone.


Traveling around in your trailer home is a really enjoyable experience that can be disrupted badly by an intense sunny atmosphere outside. This is where roll up awnings will come to your rescue as they will not only offer protection in harsh climatic conditions, but they will supplement the look of your house, trailer or commercial building with style. You won’t find such a convenient housing tool that will offer comfort and safety while saving your energy bills.